Competition 181

Competition 181


Your grill will thank you…. Bold and Delicious

The 2018 Jack Daniels World Championship Invitational BBQ Sauce Winner  This is a sauce that is built to excel and win in peer to peer competitions.  Thick and mouthwateringly delicious with a sweet, peppery finish, this sauce sticks well on open flame and is absolutely delicious on virtually anything.

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Weight 48 oz

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  1. Brenda Gillis

    First off, “well done”. I picked this up from a local butcher on a whim. Just expecting an ‘okay’ sauce. After tasting it, I was taken aback by all of the front forward boldness, combined with a smooth complexity. Absolutely wonderful! I will use this, or nothing at all. There is no #2 to follow this beautiful sauce.

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