utz works catering

Utz Works is catering done differently! We don’t believe in sub-standard food, so we approach our catering in a unique way. Our products are served onsite, and come directly off our custom-made, wood fired cooker and directly into the stations. This provides a quality product that hasn’t been precooked and held for hours. We are proud of our finished products and the service we are able to provide. You’ll find most of our recipes are simple, wholesome, and incredible. From Grandmaw’s mac and cheese, to slabs of prime rib, to pulled pork, to steamed shrimp, our menu covers the spectrum of any premium catering experience.

Because of how we approach catering, I would like to say that every catering event is different so our pricing is is very event specific. Factors that affect pricing are: menu selection, guest count, and venue location. Menu options can be found by clicking the “Menu Options” link at the top of this page. If you would like pricing or to discuss options, just click the “info” tab and send us an email. Ideally you should let us know the major details of your event, and we will respond ASAP to start working with you.